DBIDS is a Department of Defense (DOD) system developed by DMDC as a force protection program designed to manage personnel, property and installation access for the Department of Defense. In Europe, DBIDS is called the Installation Control Access System (IACS).

How does it work?

DBIDS is an identity management & force protection system operating on a networked client/server database system. The software application is used to enter personnel data into a database, capture biometric information, and retrieve that data and biometric information for verification and validation at a later time. The program supports the adding, retrieving, updating and displaying information for individuals, who require military installation access. The use of barcode technology and fingerprinting biometric identification provides easy verification of access authorization for personnel entering a military installation.

DBIDS enhances the military law enforcement mission by helping to provide a safe and secure community and by allowing real-time access to data. The program alerts registration personnel and installation gate guards to barred individuals across jurisdictional boundaries and eliminates duplication of data.

Quantum increase in force protection capabilities for DoD personnel and resources

Real-time authentication against verified databases

Automates access management process

Reduces risk of unauthorized access to installation

Increases available data used for intelligent access decisions

Electronically flags and tracks personnel with adverse status

Uses existing DoD-issued credentials, digital photos, and digital fingerprints

Scalable to cover installation or entire theater of operations

Dynamic authorization profiles based on FPCON or local command instructions

Rules-driven—configurable by local authorities

Supports individual or joint base constructs

Issues badges for individuals not authorized DoD credentials under DoD Instruction 1000.13 and DoD 5200.8-R

- Common access card (CAC)
- Federal agency cards (PIV)
- USID card (Teslin)
- Military retirees and others
- Authorized family members

- DoD civilian retiree card
- DoD civilian retirees
- Access to MWR facilities only if authorized by local commander

- DBIDS card
- Personnel requiring unescorted access to DoD facilities but not authorized a DoD ID card
- Base pass issued through General Workstation
- Issuance based on rules established by AF and/or base leadership